[.005] TwoChois, 사랑해요!

Short post just to show you my second parcel from TwoChois that arrived today 🙂

Did I say already how much I love TwoChois?? They’re AMAZING! They’re the best online store I ever tried! If you haven’t bought from them yet, you’re now probably asking why the hell I love them… Here are some reasons:

~ If you have any problem or doubt, they’ll help you as much as possible. My experience: I had a problem with paypal so I couldn’t pay for my books, no matter how much I tried. I sent them an email and they replied me fast, even though in Korea was about midnight. I mean, which other store would reply your email at midnight and keep talking to you until about 1AM?

~ They have A LOT of good books with sample images, good description and very reasonable prices.

~ They ship your parcel really well-packed and fast, and they send a cute handwritten note with some kind of “cute gift” ❤ With my first buy, they sent me a cute notebook, with this last one, they sent me a cute bookmark ❤

~ They offer ~special orders~, which is great if you want something other than books that you can’t find easily on the internet, like clothes, some cds, etc…

Resuming all these reasons in one: They CARE about their customers, and this is great! I’ll surely buy more with them soon! ❤

This time I bought Ewha 1-1 with workbook and a book for children called 초등교과서 단어의 비밀 받아쓰기 1학년 (The Secret of Vocabulary in Elementary Textbook Level 1). I’ll write a review on this 초등교과서 단어의 비밀, but since it’s recomended to early intermediate level learners, it’ll take some time 😛 I think I won’t write a review for Ewha because there are a lot of great reviews about it on the internet already, here’s a good one as an example: [KOREAN TEXTBOOK REVIEW] EWHA KOREAN LEVEL 1 & 2 이화 한국어 – Hangukdrama 🙂 

I guess I’ll start working on Ewha tomorrow, but I have no idea on how I’m going to use it in combination with Korean Grammar in Use and TTMIK workbooks… Hmm, any ideas?

Well, that’s it! Thank you for reading! ♥
감사합니다! ~.^

[.005] TwoChois, 사랑해요!

5 thoughts on “[.005] TwoChois, 사랑해요!

  1. Well I will certainly consider doing business with them after your glowing review. See, they have made you a customer for life who spreads the addiction to others. Good for everybody.
    Love your bookmark. Happy reading.

    1. Thanks for reading! ^^ And yeah, they got a loyal costumer here! I do recommend they every time that some friend talk about buying korean things… Their customer service is so good!

  2. I must agree with you ^^ Twochois have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced..As you said, they reply the sooner they get the email and they’re very patient and caring
    this is actually one of the reasons why I kept trying to fix my problems with my bank instead of just giving up ^w^

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